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Shri Rampyara Sahib Ji

Satgurudev Shri Rampyara Sahib Ji was the Ninth Gurudev of the prestigious Gaddi of Shri Harmilap Sahib Ji. He was kind, generous and full of virtues. His persona was very simple. He used to recite Soham jaap day and night. The radiance on his face was as magnificent as that of the sun.

Shri Satgurudev Ji visited different places for the welfare of his worshippers. Once he went to Hazoopur. There lived a follower named Shankar who had become arrogant on obtaining too much wealth. One day, he came to Gurudev, dressed as royally as an emperor. He bowed at Gurudev’s feet and stood there. He did not sit. Gurudev advised him that the one, who eats pure and healthy food, wears simple clothes and leads a humble life, never suffers. On hearing this, Shankar got angry and unaware of what the consequences could be, he started insulting Gurudev. As a result, he got lost his mind. On returning home, his wealth was ruined and all he was left with were poverty and misery. He wandered astray and was doomed to die in poverty. Since he had disregarded Gurudev’s words, he got what he deserved.

From there, Shri Satgurudev Ji went to Phular Van. There lived a devotee named Deva Chand, who was a cotton merchant. Gurudev went to his house. Deva Chand was blissful to receive Gurudev. Seeing his house filled with cotton, Gurudev asked him to sell it immediately. Deva Chand went at once and sold all the cotton. Later, he was astonished when he came to know that the prices of cotton had come down and by the grace of Gurudev he had sold his pile of cotton just in time. He fell down at Gurudev’s feet and said that he had been saved by his prudence only.

One day Gurudev was going to his premises in village Barhani. On the way, he saw an ape lying on the ground, lamenting and screaming for help. Two vultures were poking their beaks into his body. Gurudev hit the vultures and rescued the ape. He came to know from the vultures that in their previous birth, the ape was an insidious yogi and they were his guests. The yogi had killed them out of greed so they were avenging their death, by killing him, in every birth and every life form they took. Gurudev felt pity and freed them from their bonds.

Thereafter, Gurudev came to village Kot Moman and stayed there for some time. He preached his followers every day. Gurudev through his sermons told them to use their precious human life to praise the Lord. He used to say, “Your deeds will decide your destiny. Free your mind from the materialistic world and indulge yourselves completely in Gurudev’’s service. Neither your family nor wealth shall stay with you forever. It is Gurudev only who truly blesses your soul and shows the path to salvation, ill fated are those who are deprived of the love and blessings of Shri Satgurudev Ji.” There lived a maulvi named Muhammad Rafiq. When he heard the sermons of Shri Satgurudev Ji, he developed a strong belief in him. One day, while holding Shri Satgurudev Ji's feet, he said that, though being a Muslim, he had come to his shelter. He prayed to Gurudev to let him have a vision of the God. Gurudev asked him to close his eyes. On closing his eyes, Rafiq saw a miracle. He saw the Brahmdham. He opened his eyes and fell down at Gurudev's feet saying that he had now come to know about his power and glory. Since then, whenever Gurudev visited that village, Rafiq used to come and meet him.

After staying for some time with his followers, Gurudev returned to Dera. Some time elapsed. Shri Satgurudev Ji was blessed with three sons. They were named Khushi Ram, Jais Ram (later known as Awdhoot Ji) and Paras Ram. Time passed. As the children grew up, Shri Satgurudev Ji found Shri Paras Ram Ji righteous and taught him to chant, meditate and follow abstinence. Shri Paras Ram Ji became accomplished in all these disciplines. Then Shri Satgurudev Ji got him married.

One day, Shri Satgurudev Ji called Shri Paras Ram Ji and gave him the knowledge of Guruneeti. He did the tilak and handed him over the blessed Guru Gaddi. Next morning Gurudev along with his sons Paras Ram Ji and Awdhoot Ji, went to the well of Noor Ahmed. Gurudev sent his sons for a walk. After taking a bath, he took asana and got into a state of meditation to attain salvation. Meanwhile, Shri Paras Ram Ji and Awdhoot Ji came back. They thought that Gurudev was still meditating. After some time, Shri Paras Ram Ji came near his father and tried to wake him up but realized that he had left his breath at Brahmdwar. Suddenly there spread a light which then charged towards the sky. Shri Paras Ram Ji saw that the Brahmdwar had burst open and Gurudev had given up his breath. Noor Ahmed went to the village and informed about Shri Satgurudev Ji. Everyone was stupefied on hearing this.

Mortal remains of Shri Satgurudev Ji were brought to the village and all the last rites were performed. Shri Paras Ram Sahib Ji placed the ashes respectfully and built a samadhi there. Then devotees held bhandara (a community meal). Every year they used to come there and organize such bhandara. Later, that place started to be known as Samadhi and bhandara as the yagya. The tradition which started back then is continued till date. After staying there for some time, Shri Paras Ram Sahib Ji along with Awdhoot Ji came to Dera Ismail Khan.

The sacred saga of Satgurudev Shri Rampyara Sahib Ji is the origin of all the benediction. The one who has strong belief in Gurudev is bestowed upon with Gurudev’s generous blessings.

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