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Shri Jagdish Lal Sahib Ji

Satgurudev Shri Jagdish Lal Sahib Ji was the Eighth Gurudev of the resplendent Gaddi of Shri Harmilap Sahib Ji. His kindness was instrumental in removing the sufferings of his devotees.

At the age of eleven, he went with his mother Takht Bai Ji to meet his followers. After visiting different places, they went to Buchcha village. The villagers were pleased to see them. They bowed in reverence and brought them home with utmost respect. Next morning when Mata Ji called all the followers, some of them did not come. She came to know that there was another guru who had influenced the followers. She got angry and ordered to summon ‘that’ guru immediately. He was brought there at once. She asked why he had misled the followers. The guru replied arrogantly that everyone was aware of his powers so they accepted him as their satguru. Mata Ji asked him to prove his proclaims.

A huge stone weighing around 60 ser (approximately 48 kilos) was lying there. Pointing towards the stone, Mata Ji said, “All the people will follow the one on whose feet this stone shall fall.” The guru chanted various mantras and used his powers but the stone did not even stir. Praying to Shri Harmilap Sahib Ji, Mata Ji commanded the stone to move. The moment she had uttered these words, the stone dragged itself ahead three times and fell at her feet. On seeing this miracle, everyone present there fell at Mata Ji’s feet and said that they were her devotees only. The guru got scared and embarrassed. He apologized to Mata Ji and went away.

Mata Ji stayed at Buchcha for a few days. She used to preach the followers. She explained to them the characteristics of an ideal devotee as the one who believes in Satguru as God, chants guru mantra with every breath, holds humble temperament and accepts what the Guru says as the truth. Sincere deeds and an honest conscience can find no match in anything else.

One day Shri Satgurudev Ji went to play with his friends. They took a wooden cart and started riding it taking turns one after another. When it was Gurudev’s turn, all the children ran away saying he had not pushed the cart properly during their turn and that he was proud of himself being a Guru. Hearing this, Gurudev got angry and commanded the cart to run. Amazingly, the cart started swaying like a flying hammock and reached the Dera. When Mata Ji came to know of this, she asked what had caused him to use his divine power all of a sudden. Angry at this incident, she slapped him. Shedding tears, Gurudev said that she had hit him without a reason, so she would also feel pain just the way he did. The moment he said that, Mata Ji felt intense pain in her stomach. People present there called a doctor. He gave her medicine but the pain kept getting even more severe. Devotees went to Gurudev and lovingly told that Mata Ji was in distress. They prayed to him and asked for a cure for her pain. Gurudev told them to give her two seeds of black pepper. They immediately did as Gurudev said. As soon as Mata Ji had those two seeds of black pepper, her pain vanished.

After staying at Buchcha, Mata Ji and Gurudev went to Chanyot. Followers started rejoicing on seeing them. They arranged their stay at ‘Shri Harmilap Thakur Dwara’. While going upstairs, Gurudev started plucking leaves and buds from the vine of the kashiphal, crushing and throwing them away playfully. The caretaker of the Thakur Dwara complained to Mata Ji. She said that she could not restrain him. Gurudev told them that he was not extracting, instead he was planting fruits on the vine. Surprisingly, fruits appeared on the vine. People were amazed to see this miracle. They believed that the child was actually a deity in human form. Mata Ji got perturbed and returned home. She was worried for the disclosure of divine powers was not justified in their family. However, Shri Jagdish Lal Ji was freely giving away all the secrets of his power.

Over the years, Satgurudev Shri Jagdish Lal Sahib Ji used to preach his followers and fulfill their wishes. At the age of twelve, one day he told Mata Ji that he was being called by Shri Harmilap Sahib Ji. Mata Ji felt as if lightning had struck her. Gurudev then told her about his previous birth. He said that his name was Raja Ram and he was the son of Shri Kunjbhawan Sahib Ji Maharaj. He had befriended Guru Narsinh Ji. They knew everything about each other in their heart and had even decided to go to Param Dham together. When they gave up their lives, twelve years of his age had still remained which he had spent with her in this life. His life span had now been completed. On hearing this, Mata Ji was traumatized as her only hope in life was her son. Gurudev bowed at her feet. Reciting the ‘Naam’ of Shri Harmilap Sahib Ji, he gave up his vital breath through Brahmdwar and went to indwell at Satyaloka. Mata Ji felt deep sorrow. She was upset that there was no one to uphold the Guru Gaddi. Eventually, she did not take the charge of the Gaddi herself but came forward to render her services.

There was another devotee named Jassa Ram who had six sons. His ancestors had promised to give half of the calves born to their cows to the Guru Darbar. Once when all the cows gave birth to calves, a selfish desire overcame his sons’ mind and they broke the promise their ancestors had once made. They kept the healthy calves for themselves and separated the weaker ones by tying a thread around their neck for offering to Guru Darbar. Next morning, a weird incident happened. They found the calves they had kept for themselves dead and the ones, who were tied with a thread, were jumping. Thus, deceiving Guru Darbar out of greed led to their downfall.

Mata Ji was always worried as to who would take charge of the sacred Guru Gaddi. One night while she fell asleep moaning, Shri Satgurudev Ji appeared in her dream and said, “Go to Jhang city, where lives a devotee named Dasu Ram. He had promised to offer one of his sons to Guru Darbar and it was time to fulfill his promise. You will choose the one who shall cross the fire and sit in your lap. Consider the one who succeeds in this test as the Brahm and assign the Guru Gaddi to him.”

Next morning, Mata Ji went to Jhang. Dasu Ram was pleased to see her. She narrated her dream to him. Dasu Ram called all his four sons. Mata Ji took the fire test. Among the four children, the child named Rampyara, who was gifted and precocious, crossed the fire and sat in her lap. Her heart got filled with immense love. She liked the uniqueness of this child and felt inherently as if Shri Jagdish Lal Sahib Ji had incarnated as Shri Rampyara Ji. She took him along with her and returned home.

On one auspicious day, Mata Ji did the tilak of Shri Rampyara Ji and ceded him the Guru Gaddi. She taught him to chant, meditate and follow fasting and abstinence, and then imparted the knowledge of Guruneeti. She narrated to him the sacred saga of the ancestors and gave the Soham jaap. Then after some time, she got him married too.

Time was moving on. One day, Mata Ji took asana, reciting the ‘Naam’ of Shri Harmilap Sahib Ji, gave up her breath and took salvation.

The one, who reads with belief the saga of Satgurudev Shri Jagdish Lal Sahib Ji, becomes free from all the earthly bonds and his heart is filled with spirituality and devotion.

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