Shri Raja Ram Sahib Ji

Satgurudev Shri Raja Ram Sahib Ji was the Third Gurudev of the pious Gaddi of Shri Harmilap Sahib Ji. He had entered the mortal world for the well being of his devotees. He had many followers in various parts of the country. One day, a follower from Ghazni came and presented him a beautiful skewbald horse. Riding on this horse, Shri Satgurudev Ji visited different places tending to welfare of the people.
Two devotees of Shri Satgurudev Ji, namely, Brahmin Mool Chand and Baku Ram Bhatia lived in the Kot Moman village. Both Hindus and Muslims in that village were living peacefully. Cow-rearing was their only occupation. Every night they used to sit together and when Mool Chand narrated to them the unique saga of Shri Satgurudev Ji, their hearts were overwhelmed with love for Shri Satgurudev Ji.
One day, about 300 dacoits attacked the village. People came to Brahmin Mool Chand for help. Mool Chand said that he was an unarmed Brahmin, then how he could resist those monstrous bandits? On hearing this, people got furious and demanded to call his Satguru who they heard him praise every day. They threatened the Brahmin that they would burn down his house and banish him from the village.
Mool Chand got scared. He started praying to Shri Satgurudev Ji for his help. Gurudev was in the state of meditation at that time. He got to know everything. He stood up quickly and took a spear in his hand. Riding on his skewbald horse, Gurudev charged ahead, faster than the speed of the wind and reached the village in a few seconds. His presence created such a delusion there that the dacoits could not see anything.
They panicked. Following the chaos, some of them were killed, few injured and the rest fled away. Thereafter, Gurudev went to the Brahmin's house and told him that the village was now safe. On hearing this, the Brahmin’s anguish vanished. When he looked back, he was amazed to see Shri Satgurudev Ji standing in front of him. He fell at his Guru’s feet in reverence and said that Gurudev had taken too much trouble to save them. Gurudev said, "Whenever one remembers me with a pure heart, I surely reach out to him to help him.”
Meanwhile, Baku Ram also came there and was pleased to see Shri Satgurudev Ji. He said that today they were alive by his grace only, else the dacoits would have killed them. He bowed humbly and asked what they could present to him, in return. Their only asset were the cattle. They humbly offered that whenever their cows would bear calves, they would present them to Shri Satgurudev Ji. Gurudev conceded to their prayer and disappeared.
There was another famous Gaddi of Lal Ji of which Shri Narsinh Das Ji was the Guru at that time. Shri Satgurudev Ji befriended him. Both of them followed the path set forth in the Vedas and often discussed religion and spirituality. One day, they were sitting on a beach and discussing Vedanta. Suddenly, a ferocious lion came and pounced at them. Shri Satgurudev Ji drew a line around him and kept sitting fearlessly. As the lion touched the line, it fell down. Shri Narsinh Ji then threw a straw at him, which struck him like a thunderbolt. The lion died, there and then.
On realizing their unsurmountable power, their friendship grew stronger. One day, they both decided that the way they had loved each other in this world, they would go together to the Param Dham too. Shri Narsinh Ji wanted to go on a Sunday but Shri Satgurudev Ji wanted to go on a Monday. As was their wish, they decided to leave their mortal lives on the day they wanted but to be cremated together. Sunday morning, Shri Narsinh Ji took his last breath. His devotees planned the cremation. Shri Satgurudev Ji told them to cremate Shri Narsinh Ji the next day. Thereafter, Gurudev came back to his house. But the people did not listen to him. They took the body to the pier for cremation. Suddenly, there was a thunderstorm and complete darkness spread. Hence, the devotees were forced to give up the idea of cremation that day.
On reaching home, Shri Satgurudev Ji called his sister, Kamla's son, Shri Khan Chand Ji. After finding him consilient in all respects, Gurudev gave him the knowledge of Guruneeti and ceded him the holy Gaddi of Shri Harmilap Sahib Ji. Then he took samadhi, gave up his life through Brahmdwar and departed for the ultimate abode.
Servitors of Shri Satgurudev Ji and Shri Narsinh Ji came there. All of them were awestruck and now realized the depth of their friendship. With profound grief, they picked up the piers for cremation. Shri Khan Chand Sahib Ji performed the last rites with vedic rituals.
There is no limit of the glory of Satgurudev Shri Raja Ram Sahib Ji. Whosoever recites devotedly the holy virtues of Shri Satgurudev Ji, is absolved of all sins.