Shri Madan Mohan Sahib Ji Maharaj

Satgurudev Shri Madan Mohan Sahib Ji has adorned the renowned Gaddi of Shri Harmilap Sahib Ji as its Twelfth Gurudev. As beautiful is his name, so are his virtues. An illuminating aura surrounds him. One feels contentment in his holy presence. Gurudev is noble, philanthropic and full of spiritual beliefs.

Shri Harmilap Bhawan, Haridwar, is the residence of Shri Satgurudev Ji. He lives there with his family. Wife of Shri Satgurudev Ji, the honourable Shri Maharani Ji, is humble, noble and has immense love for all. She is also actively associated with Shri Harmilap Mission.

At Shri Harmilap Bhawan, where Shri Muni Harmilapi Ji Maharaj had been given bhu samadhi, Shri Satgurudev Ji has built an exquisite temple and enshrined the idol of Shri Muni Ji Maharaj. The idol is so attractive that it seems as if Shri Muni Ji Maharaj is actually ensconced there. A holy flame is incessantly lit there. Another idol of Shri Muni Ji Maharaj, writing a letter, has also been placed in the room where he used to live and all his belongings such as his clothes, pens, diaries, pocket watch, utensils, etc. have been kept in cupboards in an orderly manner. In the same room, now called the holy Darbar, there is the Asana for Satgurudev Shri Madan Mohan Sahib Ji. Every morning, he sits there. Followers from different places visit the Darbar every day. They consider themselves blessed to get as much as a divine glimpse of Shri Satgurudev Ji. Gurudev personally asks each and every one about their well being. When someone is in misery or confusion, Gurudev resolves their problems by guiding them to the right path.

Gurudev monitors the operations of Shri Harmilap Mission himself. The nature itself is at behest of Shri Satgurudev Ji. Gurudev inspires his followers by working himself, when merely his thought can get the things done. He makes them understand the need to believe in execution than planning.

He is promulgating the ethos of the Mission to spread unity, equality, humanity and love to all, and not to discriminate between high or low, rich or poor; seeing everyone as the form of God. He is upholding the traditions which were started earlier and those started by Shri Muni Ji Maharaj, such as, celebration of the annual yagya and Guru Puja at Haridwar, Avtar Diwas of Shri Muni Ji Maharaj at Vrindavan, annual yagyas at various places of the Mission. Like Shri Muni Ji Maharaj, Gurudev has also maintained sisterly relations with Behen Ji, Prem Mandir, Ambala and Behen Ji, Prem Mandir, Panipat. He always participates in their annual yagyas and other ceremonies.

In the year 2007, the centenary of the annual yagya celebrated at Shri Harmilap Bhawan, Haridwar, was carried on for six days at a very large scale. Besides all other usual programmes, a blood donation camp was also organized and the blood accumulated was donated to the Red Cross Society. There was a conference of all religions, in which leaders of various sects participated. All of them said that as Shri Muni Harmilapi Ji Maharaj did not believe in caste and creed, and similarly Shri Madan Mohan Sahib Ji treats everyone equally. In the year 2010, the birth centenary of Shri Muni Ji Maharaj was celebrated with grandeur for five days at Vrindavan.

The bhawan built at Vrindavan by Shri Muni Ji Maharaj, had become decrepit over the times. Shri Satgurudev Ji has got it renovated. A temple has been built in the centre where the idols of Shri Harmilap Sahib Ji, Shri Muni Ji Maharaj and Shri Radhakrishan Ji are enshrined. Rooms for pilgrims have been built which are furnished with all the modern amenities. Shri Satgurudev Ji has built Shri Harmilap Sevashram at Devpura, Haridwar, where Idols of Shri Muni Ji Maharaj and Shri Radhakrishan Ji are enshrined in the temple. There is a dispensary, biogas plant, a big cowshed and rooms for pilgrims.

Gurudev knows the emotions and the inner feelings of his devotees. He is fascinated by nothing but only by their true love and feelings. So he visits different places to fulfil their wishes. On seeing his enticing image, devotees are enamoured.

He is beneficent and magnanimous, always ready to help the needy. Whenever there has been a crisis or a natural calamity in the country, Shri Satgurudev Ji has made donations for the victims, such as to the families of martyrs of Kargil war, victims of Tsunami at Andaman & Nicobar, victims of tragedy at Kedarnath, etc. On the 102nd birthday of Shri Muni Ji Maharaj, Gurudev donated woollen clothes, reading and writing material to those children whose parents were very poor and could not afford their education. That is how, Gurudev gives an inspiration to the society by helping the poor and the destitute.

Gurudev is gentle and soft spoken. He makes his followers understand the value of significant things in life, in a few words. Every word spoken by him is precious and of great importance to the followers. He asks to serve the Guru Darbar selflessly, keeping aside one’s ego as it is an obstacle in the path of service. It would be worthwhile to come to Guru Darbar if one first renounces the hope for material needs and followers render service unconditionally. The Mission should be known by the conduct of its followers. Of family life, Gurudev says that one should keep changing according to the time, spend time with children instead of spending money and explaining to them the moral values. Togetherness creates harmony in a family and relations become stronger.

Shri Satgurudev Ji is prudent, forward-thinking, accomplished and well-versed. He is upholding the established customs of the Mission. Under his expediential consistent guidance, the Mission is on its path to advancement and glory.