Shri Kunjbhawan Sahib Ji

Satgurudev Shri Kunjbhawan Sahib Ji was the Second Gurudev of the sacred Gaddi of Shri Harmilap Sahib Ji. Always, living inside his premises, he worshipped all the time. People from far off places came to have a glimpse of his holy sight. They prayed to him to visit their houses, but he always refused because his father, Shri Harmilap Sahib Ji, had ordered him to stay inside for lifetime. Why Shri Harmilap Sahib Ji had ordered him to do so is also a quaint incident.
When Shri Kunjbhawan Sahib Ji was twelve years old, one day he went to play with his friends. He was the naughtiest of them all. One day he climbed up a wall and said - "Run my horse! Run!" He pretended to be riding a horse, while sitting astride on the wall as if he wanted to put life in it and make it gallop like a horse. In the meantime, a Muslim saint came there and was fascinated to see this child. He wanted to know more about him. Though curious, he could not stop himself from crying harshly that it was a lifeless wall and not a horse, who would run on his command. On hearing this, Shri Kunjbhawan Sahib Ji got angry and said – “Do you think that I am just a child? The five non-living elements - Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Sky - are ubiquitous but life is present in all of them; the one, who keeps eighty-four lakh creatures at his behest, is the ‘Me’, who has come to this world.
Then what is the power of this wall against me?” He then kicked the wall and patted it as if it were a horse. Amazingly, the wall started running. After some distance, Shri Kunjbhawan Sahib Ji patted it to stop and it stopped. The Muslim saint was dumbstruck and afraid at the same time. He fell at Shri Kunjbhawan Sahib Ji's feet and asked to forgive him. All his doubts were cleared. Gurudev blessed him and he went away, after that.
The children told everyone about the miracle done by Shri Kunjbhawan Sahib Ji. A huge crowd gathered at the Darbar to get a divine glimpse of Shri Kunjbhawan Sahib Ji. When Satgurudev Shri Harmilap Sahib Ji came to know about the act done by his son, he called him and said angrily that he had committed the blunder to show a miracle, unnecessarily. He ordered him to give up his life immediately. People started crying. They begged Shri Harmilap Sahib Ji that this child should not be punished. They repeatedly beseeched to take back his curse. Shri Harmilap Sahib Ji accepted their prayer and instead ordered Shri Kunjbhawan Sahib Ji to stay inside the house, all his life. Shri Kunjbhawan Ji obeyed the order of his father and confined himself indoors. His name was ‘Kunjbihari’ but because of always staying indoors, he was now known as ‘Kunjbhawan’.
Shri Satgurudev Ji complied with the command of his father and spent eighty years of his life indoors following rigorous self-control, temperance and austerity. One day he called his son Shri Raja Ram Ji and explained to him the Guruneeti and handed over the pious Shri Harmilap Gaddi to him. He told him that his strict pledge had been completed and attained and he wanted to go to Param Dham. Satgurudev Shri Kunjbhawan Sahib Ji then went into trance, gave up his vital breath through Brahmdwar and moved on to heaven.