Shri Khan Chand Sahib Ji

Shri Khan Chand Sahib Ji
Satgurudev Shri Khan Chand Sahib Ji was the Fourth Gurudev of the divine Gaddi of Shri Harmilap Sahib Ji. He was a noble hearted, sympathetic and truely divine in all respects. His aura was always shining like the sun. People from far off places came for a mere glimpse of his divine presence. Shri Satgurudev Ji blessed them and lifted their sufferings.
Shri Satgurudev Ji visited different places to meet his devotees. Once, he went to Multan, where lived his worshipper Brahmin Mansa Ram. He was delighted to see Shri Satgurudev Ji and bowed at his feet in reverence. Then he brought him home and served him with reverence. Gurudev asked the Brahmin why he had remembered him yesterday and that he had come there only for him. Brahmin told Gurudev that he had only one son who was on deathbed. Becoming totally distraught with that terrible pain, he had evoked him because he had no one else in the world except Shri Satgurudev Ji. His eyes welled. He fell down at Shri Satgurudev Ji's feet and begged him to answer his prayers.
Gurudev consoled the Brahmin and told him to recite the ‘Naam’ of Shri Harmilap Sahib Ji and his wish would be fulfilled. Then Gurudev asked for his son. Brahmin took him to where his son was lying on bed. On seeing the child unconscious, Gurudev kept his merciful hand on the child's forehead and wiped away all his sufferings. The child opened his eyes. Brahmin was surprised to see his son back in a conscious state. Gurudev had erased all his illness in a moment. The child got up and bowed to Shri Satgurudev Ji. Shri Satgurudev Ji told Brahmin that, by the grace of Shri Harmilap Sahib Ji, the child no longer had any disease. The Brahmin was delighted and relieved and praised Shri Satgurudev Ji’s divinity.
He prayed to Gurudev to enlighten him how one could get rid of the delusion spread in this limitless world. Shri Satgurudev Ji told him that this hindrance could be removed by the light of wisdom of Gurudev and serving Guru Darbar. Brahmin hailed Gurudev and fell at his feet with reverence. Gurudev blessed him and then proceeded to meet his other servitors.
After staying at different places for some time, Gurudev returned home. Time elapsed. One day, he called his son Shri Bhawani Das Ji and explained to him the Guruneeti. Then he did the tilak and handed over to him the divine Gaddi of Shri Harmilap Sahib Ji. Next day, Gurudev took samadhi, gave up his life and went to live in the supreme abode.
Countless virtues of Shri Satgurudev Ji are spreading light of knowledge everywhere. Truely, no one is as magnanimous as Shri Satgurudev Ji.