Shree Parasram Sahib ji

Satgurudev Shri Paras Ram Sahib Ji was the Tenth Gurudev of the divine Gaddi of Shri Harmilap Sahib Ji. He was a very simple man and always adorned a humble attire. He used to chant, meditate, follow continence and discuss the Brahm in the communion of saints. Keeping in mind the ‘Naam’ of Shri Harmilap Sahib Ji, he fulfilled the wishes of his devotees. Extremely fortunate Sundra Bai Ji was his virtuous wife, who loved him unconditionally.

This time was the advent of Kaliyuga. Corrupt and sinful people had started dominating the world. People were losing their faith in God and were ruining their lives in trivialities. However, time was moving on. Shri Satgurudev Ji was blessed with a son. Mata Sundra Ji was mesmerized to see the divinity of the child. When Gurudev saw him, he understood that God himself had taken a life-form. He named him ‘Topan Lal’. The angelic child was calm but vivacious and possessed special qualities. At the age of five, he started going to school and acquired a considerable amount of knowledge in just two years.

Once, two devotees from Ghazni named, Lal Chand and Birbal, came to Dera. They were pleased to have the holy glimpse of Shri Satgurudev Ji. They stayed there for a week and then prayed to Gurudev to give his photo which they wanted to keep at the dera of Shri Harmilap Sahib Ji in Ghazni. Gurudev said that he himself was a servitor of Shri Harmilap Sahib Ji and did not want his photo to be placed there. Birbal insisted and called a photographer. Each time the photographer clicked, everyone except Gurudev was captured in the photo. He tried several times but could not succeed. The devotees could not get the photo against Gurudev’s will. Without any success, they returned to Ghazni. When Shri Topan Lal Ji came to know about this miracle, his reverence towards his father became stronger and he assumed him as his Guru.

Gurudev along with his sons Shri Topan Lal Ji and Shri Prabhu Dayal Ji, went to village Buchcha, samadhi place of the Ninth Gurudev Shri Rampyara Sahib Ji. They bowed at the Samadhi in respect. Devotees welcomed them and served them generously. One day, Shri Topan Lal Ji asked Gurudev to allow him to sit in meditation. Gurudev gave his assent. Then he sat in a cave and went into the state of rumination. Reciting the ‘Naam’ of the complete, the eternal and the ethereal Brahm, he himself took his form. After eighty days of meditative trance, Shri Topan Lal Ji came out of the cave and bowed at his father's feet. When Shri Satgurudev Ji saw his son, he noticed the unbelievable aura on his face. He embraced him lovingly and said that as he had remained in a reflective trance continuously for eighty days, hence he would since be known as ‘Muni Ji.’

Thereafter, Shri Satgurudev Ji went to Mirh Ranjha village and stayed there with one of his worshippers, Brahmin Hari Ram. His wife was so pleased to see Gurudev that while serving them the food, she forgot about the delicacies she specially prepared for Gurudev and served only chapatis. She repeatedly kept saying that she was the least of human beings and that Gurudev had immensely blessed her by visiting her house. Her eyes welled. Gurudev understood her state of mind and took a bite of chapati along with a glass of water. Although she served nothing but chapatis, Gurudev praised the food saying that he was satiated. The only thing that could influence Shri Satgurudev Ji was the love and faith of his devotees.

Shri Satgurudev Ji visited different places for the welfare of his devotees. He preached them that one does not reincarnate as a human over and over again. Keeping this in mind they should recite the name of God. Wise is the man who keeps faith in God and lives in the company of noble beings.

Shri Satgurudev Ji went to Malakwal with some of his followers. There lived his two devotees named Raja Ram and Chanan Ram. Gurudev went to Chanan Ram’s house. He welcomed Shri Satgurudev Ji with gratitude and served him lovingly. Thereafter, Gurudev came to Malakwal station. He took asana and told his followers that his time to go to Param Dham had come. On hearing this, everyone was shocked. Immediately, a telegram was sent to Buchcha village. On receiving it, Muni Ji reached Malakwal. He bowed to his father. Gurudev told him that he was going to Satyaloka. He said to him, “You know everything, what can I teach you? You yourself are a form of the Divine.” Gurudev then did his tilak and conferred the sacred Guru Gaddi on to him.

Mata Sundra Ji, who was at Dera, also reached Malakwal station. When she came to know about the incident, she said to Gurudev that it was not the time to go. On hearing her voice, Gurudev opened his eyes and recited the name of Shri Harmilap Sahib Ji twice. He took Padmasana, closed his eyes and covered himself in a sheet. He then gave up his life and proceeded to Param Dham. All the devotees were distraught. Mata Ji consoled them saying that Shri Satgurudev Ji was a divine saint and should not be grieved for.

The mortal remains of Shri Paras Ram Sahib Ji were brought to Kot Moman. Thereafter, the pier was taken to Buchcha where Shri Muni Ji Maharaj performed the last rites. Placing the ashes respectfully, Shri Muni Ji Maharaj built a samadhi there.

The one who has faith in Shri Satgurudev Ji is truely blessed and shall never suffer.